Historic Monuments


To counter the comprehensive negative narrative associated with the removal of existing Historic Monuments and Memorials, Artist Life,NFP, a 501-3C art education foundation, proposes the erection of Historic African American Sites to encapsulate and convey a history and story little known and often untold. We propose to create 10 monuments at various historical sites around the country to create a counter- narrative to the romanticized history that often excludes African Americans from the story.

The Our Monumental Narritives Project will transform the way our country’s histories are told in public spaces and ensure that future generations inherit a commemorative landscape that venerates and reflects the vast, rich complexity of all people within the American story.



From 2020-2025 ARTIST LIFE NFP endeavors to create over 500 monuments and other
works of art nation wide to memorialize the African American impact, stories and contributions
made throughout the United States and surrounding territories.



Artist Life proposes to create jobs, by implement training programs to inspire and develop
communities of color, as well as installing environmentally conscious site infrastructure that
promotes sustainable, healthier communities. The project consists of the resurrection of an
initial 10 monuments and memorials, commissioned by African American Artists working in
conjunction with African American Historians and Academia’s great minds, i.e., Professor
Cornell West, et al. After a successful pilot, AL will continue to create opportunities for artists.

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