Artist Life, NFP (ALNFP) is a world-class museum and art education organization located in the heart of  Chatham on Chicago's south side. ALNFP is open to the public and presents four to nine temporary exhibitions per year with a permanent collection of fine art objects with strengths in international modern and contemporary art.

ALNFP enriches the Chicago’s commitments to excellence, diversity and social concerns. 

Our mission is to connect economic, racial and social divisions by providing under-resourced youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in the art and design fields. 

Participants will learn the techniques and tools of professional artists and designers while engaging in education, employment and artistic exploration.

With your help we can produce life changing transformations for youth and their communities.

The World

Teach about Unlimited Potential

The Mouth

Teach To Speak Kindly

The Home

Make it a SpecialPlace

The Mind

Rebuild Confidence

The Eyes

Expose to Success

The Roots

ExploreCultural Heritage

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